Shades of Beer

When we started brewing, we decided that one of the main things people wanted to know was simply what colour the beer on the bar was; we know lots of pubs put samples into jam jars or glasses next to the pumps so that the customer gets an idea of the type of beer it is.

We decided to incorporate a photo of the actual beer on the pump clip itself. We can up with a simple image that we thought would be really striking and show what the beer actually looked like – in reality though, there’s only so many shades of beer you can show without them all starting to look the same and people were still asking what colour the beer was even with the photo on show!

So we decided to go back to the drawing board – we’d been sent an old Carlisle Brewery bottle label and it was lovely. So working with a team of talented young designers, we used it as a base for our new branding – we wanted to echo the history of brewing in Carlisle (and there’s a lot of it – check out our page on the State Management Scheme) but still show that we were a modern microbrewery so each beer has its own striking colour scheme.

The background motif is taken from markings on our freehouse, an ex-State Management designed pub – The Spinners Arms in Cummersdale. We love the way it all ties in together and how clearly the clip stands out on the bar and the bottles on the shelf.

All the best