A Real Ale Journey

real ale journey.png

I’ve been thinking a while now about my customers and the different types of people I meet and I’ve realised that each one is following a real ale journey.

Because of this they will need different levels of information and will encounter different problems to be resolved.

The balance for me as someone who wants to provide you with beer for your customers is to provide that information or help you resolve a problem without either teaching you to suck eggs or confuse by being too technical (although I’m not sure I’m knowledgeable enough myself to do the latter!!)

I honestly think you’ll be somewhere along this line and you may be completely happy to stay where you are, which is great – we can certainly help tick the boxes you need covered, whether that’s providing basic information so your customer can choose which beers they’d like to have on the bar or giving you the opportunity to feedback to us about a beer style you’d like to try.

But it may be that you want to move further along the line, developing your knowledge and I’d love to help with that.

It’s my intention to provide a trade section on our website that will grow too – giving links to other websites that may help with the basics if that’s what you need or to trade stats about future trends or other people’s blogs that might give you a bit more information on hops, yeasts, beer styles.

I intend to build a really good resource that will help no matter what part of the real ale journey you’re on.

I’d love to know whereabouts on that journey you think you are!

I reckon I’m about ¾ way along – I certainly need to learn more about the masses of different beers there are out there and I’m quite sure some of you could educate me.

I definitely know one or two landlords who have immense knowledge of beer styles who I may talk sweetly to and get them write a blog for me!!!

Why not let me know whereabouts you are on your real ale journey and whether I can help you at whatever point you’re at!!

You can fill in our survey to tell us more about you here or just give me a call on 01228 594959