Bigger and better

Woo hoo! New kit, new premises and a new website. We’re living in interesting times. We set up the Carlisle Brewing Co in 2013 as a diversification project for our freehouse, The Spinners Arms in Cummersdale with added bonus of it being something we could really get our teeth into and enjoy.

And we’ve loved it; we’ve got such a kick out producing proper beers that our customers (and ourselves) enjoying drinking. We’ve had a whale of a time creating different recipes and an incredible 2 years. It’s been so good that we’ve had to get bigger!! We’ve increased the size of our brewing plant and are now brewing from separate premises – a unit on Carlisle’s Kingstown Industrial Estate and its great! We’re really looking forward to supplying beer to a much wider area and continuing to have fun brewing.

All the best,